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Thank you so much for stopping by, this place is a piece of my heart. I'm Karra; a wife to the most handsome, outdoorsy, selfless man. HE'S MY BEST FRIEND + Marrying him was the best decision I've ever made. wE'RE Living OUR BEST LIFE IN PORTLAND, OREGON FOR NOW AND LOVING ALL THE ADVENTURES THUS FAR. I have two brunette babes whose sense of adventure is what I am most proud of. Their sticky faces and dirty feet mean that they are exploring life + that makes my heart happiest. we're rebuilding a 1976 argosy airstream that we hope to make memories in (@camithecaravan). I'm a huge lover of the coast, sunshine, almond vanilla latte's, and I dream about one of my girls becoming my second shooter some day. I love Jesus, flowers on my kitchen table, dream big,  and genuinely want to be your friend. I'm here to document the real moments, the movement of your hair when the wind blows that day, the giddiness of just getting married and your effortless love. I'm a hopeless romantic and my style emphasizes love and storytelling; to document the moments that often go unnoticed. I'm excited to hopefully capture your love story; the story that will be told for generations to come. 

// sweet moments captured by tessa shannon

more karra + love languages.

// I'm a big fan of love languages + my top two are physical touch and acts of service. so it should be no surprise when i give you a hug upon meeting you.

//if i wasn't a photographer it'd definitely try my hand at becoming a florist. my husband knows not to bring home traditional roses + handpicked bouquets are a for sure way to my heart

//night owl + lover of snacks at 10pm

//grew up on the beaches of Florida + now living on the west coast its a complete toss up on which i love more.

//not a fan of cardio or putting away laundry

//will accept payment in the form of taylor swift tickets

//dog person(two boxers!) + plant hoarder

//i adore handwritten notes and new planners

//i will cry at your wedding at some point

//tacos, thai, tator tots... +red wine ;)

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