Oregon Coast Love Shoot

UGH. This couple. Jaycee + River were so much fun to hang out with. We met up one afternoon while they were vacationing here in Oregon and I just adored how carefree and loving they were to each other. We talked about our dreams for adventuring the states in a van (or airstream for me!) + our love for our boxer pups. They danced and cuddled to their own beat and made my job that much easier. I loved sharing this spot with them. It's definitely top three favorite spots of mine on the Oregon coast. Press play + just be thankful I didn't post all hunderd and something photos from this day. 

Mary's Peak Engagement | Brittney + Matt

Are you guys ready for the cutest freaking couple and alllll the views of Oregon? We got SO dang lucky on this day. Spring in Oregon is a tricky one and this Spring has been exceptionally rainy.. so when we had one full day of sun it was like God assuring me everything was going to be juuuust fine. You could see mountain tops that were miles away. I couldn't have picked a better day hanging out with these two. Brittney + Matt were so cute, so chill and didn't even mind freezing the last half of the shoot! I truly believe in having a connection with my clients (hate that word..) friends, because it 100% shows through pictures if either parties just don't click. God has put so many incredible couples in my path and I am forever pinching myself that I get to be a small part of something so beautiful. We're definitely going to be getting that Mexican food post wedding ;) Press play + enjoy!

Union/Pine Wedding|Emilie + Connor

Guys. This wedding, these people.. from the very first moment I spoke with Emilie, to our crazy epic adventure at Wachella Falls to their thoughtfully stunning wedding at Union/Pine I have just felt so dang lucky to have been apart of it all. Emilie and Connor hand picked each person that played apart in their wedding and it felt like one huge family all day long.

"Early on in the wedding planning, my mom asked a simple question: “Why don’t you just invite whoever you’d have over for dinner?” That really clicked and stuck with me, and it became the entire heart and theme of our wedding! Connor and I are both very relational beings and were raised in homes with parents who modeled hospitality like no other – doors were always open, guests were coming in and out all the time, and family dinners were an every day staple. This value of keeping the theme “just having people over for dinner” made the entire wedding planning process simple, heartfelt, and, most importantly, US! In all the planning, the goal for our wedding day to have the feel, intimacy, and atmosphere of everyone being in our own home. The cocktail area was set up to look like a living room, the dinner was family style, and the reception room was decked with frames and decorations from our own home. This was truly the “heart” of our wedding and it was definitely the most important thing to us!" from Emilie

Emilie and Connor knew they wanted to have their first look in the forrest somewhere near where Connor used to play as a kid. Days leading up to the wedding they scoped out places nearby the venue and chose Laurelhurst Park for their incredibly sweet first look. I am 100% known to cry at weddings but it's usually during the vows or first dances. Nope. They got me at the first look. 

The rest of the day was spent at Union/Pine where the most stunning floral arch created by Good Seed Floral was, surrounded by the happiest of friends and family. The whole room literally clapped when Connor walked down to the aisle. It was seriously the easiest going day and I enjoyed every minute of it. After these two babes got married there were non stop giggles and just pure joy. We ran around in the misty Portland rain and just soaked up every minute we had. 

This wedding started out my season for 2017 and man oh, man it just kicked everything off so freaking good. I'll forever be grateful for this couple and for clients turning into real friends. Emilie and I share a love for plants so we'll be plant browsing in the near future... probably with coffee in hand ;) ENJOY!

Venue// Union/Pine, Florals// Good Seed Floral, Dress// When Freddie Met Lilly, Caterer// The Lambs Table, MUAH// Leah Wilson

Mt. Index, Washington Elopement | Jen+Jed

Nestled in-between the fir trees, ivy and a river running through the back was this adorable cabin where Jen + Jed chose to share their vows with one another. It was exactly a year ago today that we all went on a couples shoot just for fun and Jed ended the hike by proposing to Jen. She had no idea (and neither did I haha) and it was the sweetest thing to witness. I love spontaneity! I love quiet intimate moments. To me they mean so much more and don't get me wrong I absolutly cherish all my weddings but being vulnerable with just you and your soon to be spouse just gives me all the feels. 

I've know Jen since high school so having her ask me to be apart of such a magical day meant the world. These two are truly meant for each other. They both radiate happiness and you don't even have to really know them to see that. With a few close friends and Jed's parents at their side they exchanged vows with the fall leaves as a backdrop and Santa as their officiant (not kidding, you'll have to scroll down to see more). 

Rattlesnake Ledge Engagement| Alyssa+Keiran

There's just nothing better than a weekend spent with good friends, a sweet hike that barely any one was at and freaking amazing views. This is a pretty popular spot and I was dying to go ever since Alyssa said her and Keiran were moving to Washington. It's not every day you get to photograph one of your best friends, but you guys.. they ARE SO GORGEOUS. + I'm pretty obsessed with them. Even more excited for their wedding this August! Cannot wait to stand beside my girl!!! 

Portland Intimate In-home Session | Liz + Tim

I walked into Liz + Tim's home in awe of EVERYTHING. There were plants in every corner, (something I wish I was able to keep in my home). Succulents in the window, the best boho patterns throughout everything, hand painted walls and best of all.. most of it was completely thrifted. Liz most definitely has an eye for details and stunning pieces. Not to mention her and Tim were so easy and sweet in from of the camera. They sipped on mimosas and cuddled up with their two pups just like any other Sunday.  

+ because I'm sure you're all dying to see this beauty of a home yourself, she just listed it on airbnb now! They are currently renovating their winnebago and have their home listed through July. I am just dying to see what she makes of the space in her new RV because if it's anything like their home its going to be AH-MAZING. 

Wachella Falls, Columbia River Gorge| Emilie+Connor

How truly remarkable is to to see the way the Lord works. I have been a long time lover of Emilie's ability to create such beautiful artwork. She has the loveliest Etsy shop + so when I reached out to her to shoot one day she was so down! Connor + Emilie were so kind, so loving and little did I know that just a few short weeks later these two would be engaged! I am so smitten that they chose me to capture their wedding day + with that just a week away I figured I needed to get these (+their engagements!) blogged. 

We had Wachella all to ourselves and it was the PERFECT late summer evening! I am still so in awe of how dang beautiful Oregon is. It's not everyday you can drive an hour away to amazing waterfalls + such lush woods. Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!

Indian Beach, Oregon Engagements|Sondra+Brady

Perfect little sunrise session that included whisky + chasing down shoes taken by the waves and a whole lot of giggles. We originally planned for a snowy engagement shoot but when she emailed me mentioning that we could also go to Ecola State Park, I basically squealed and couldn't say yes fast enough. This little spot is probably my favorite place on the coast + I go as often as I can. But not only is is beautiful, it's where Brady proposed to Sondra months ago. I love when couples share the sweet moments with me. It was so much fun + I'm already planning many more coast trips because I love it so much out there. 

California Green House Wedding | Kristen+ Shane

I don't know where to even begin with these two. Kristen and Shane are so near and dear to me because they believed and trusted one-hundred percent in me. From their super windy, but so meaningful engagement session (love you, Dex!) to flying me out to California, hosting me and letting me stay on your waterfront cabin, I felt so honored to be apart of something so special.

What I love most about this job is becoming close to my brides. I seriously die with every dress picture they text me or ask for my opinions on details. I met with Kristen for coffee dates + now I just feel like were friends. SUCH a blessing, I tell ya! Here are some favorite from their greenhouse wedding. The greenhouse is on private property of the groom's side, but seriously how amazing did they do making it true to their style. 

Event Planning// Kristen Kelly Designs

Floral// Mack Floral and Design

Dress// Rue De Seine 


Mt. Hood | Stephanie+Dallas

This shoot was a collaboration between myself, Swoon Floral Design and Elizabeth Dye. These girl bosses are SO talented + I am a long time fan of anything and everything Elizabeth creates. This emerald green dress was from her Holiday line, but her wedding dresses are totally swoon worthy at any time of year. Kim was so sweet + I was shocked when she handed me this amazing bouquet. It totally made this shoot come to life. 

Stephanie + Dallas were not only amazing for driving out of snowy Portland into an even snowier Mt. Hood but SUCH BABES. The best thing about photoshoots in the snow is you get all the cuddling and all the loving automatically so it makes it real easy on my part. Grab yourself a cup of coffee + enjoy!

Columbia River Gorge| Lena + Vik Elopement

Lena + Vik were of the some of the kindest people I've ever met. This day was breathtaking, it was full of love and two people who love each other very much. You could feel it + that is always a good thing. 

Government Cove has become a popular little spot, but we showed up and had it all to ourselves which made it so wonderful. So genuinely happy to have spent the day with these two and have a fun day making magic happen.

Lake Louise, Canada | Ashia + Kevin Elopement

Oh Canada, I most definitely left a piece of my heart here. Everywhere you turn it's beautiful, every hike, every lake, everything is STUNNING. So when I met Ashia through Instagram and saw that she just recently got engaged at Crater Lake it seemed like fate. Kevin + Ashia have been dating for years and their love is playful, so genuine and real. They love to adventure together and just recently bought a van that they plan to take BACK down to Oregon for they honeymoon. So don't be surprised if you see more from them because they are so dang adorable. 

//also featured on Junebug Weddings

dress designer: Sarah Seven

dress boutique: The Bridal Boutique YYC

florals: Always Sunny Design

calligraphy: Pink+Peach

makeup: The Pretty Haus