hey babes!

well by now you probably already know I'm karra-- wife and mama to my whole entire world. 


we're little beach bums from florida; living + loving colorado life right now. portland used to be home, but now i just frequent between both states (+all over!)my very handsome husband who i cannot thank enough is my back bone + very much a reason this business is thriving. we've renovated a 1976 airstream (@camithecarivan) + since we've sold it we've become the less knowledgeable chip and jo to our 125 year old farmhouse. its basically my dream home on 6 acres.. coffee on the wrap around porch + wine under the twinkle lights are my fav(#tiptonfarmhouse). two little brunette girls run the house and our world + you'll definitely hear me talk about them on a shoot. they are wild, messy and i wish i could bottle up their energy. seeing adventures through their eyes is magical. 


i love jesus, both the pnw coast and the gulf coast, honey almond lattes are the new vanilla lattes and mexican food always wins in the restaurant debate. fresh flowers in my kitchen is my ultimate fave, along with a new candle. one day i want my own coffee + flower shop and the dreams just don't stop there..


this job is so meaningful to me-- its a huge passion of mine and getting to genuinely become your friend in the process is also. my mom would(+still does)take photos all the time and i always had a little point and shoot all throughout school. it wasn't until i had my girls that i realized i could capture feelings and moments i never wanted to forget. my husband bought me a rebel + the rest is history. i look back on all the out of focus, messy real emotion filled photos and thats why i do photography-- i want to capture the real moments-- the giggly, joyful, quiet and true to you moments.. your effortless love-- my style emphasizes love and storytelling; to document the moments that often go unnoticed + i cannot wait to be apart of your story. 


// sweet moments captured by tessa shannon

more karra + love languages.

// I'm a big fan of love languages + my top two are physical touch and acts of service. so it should be no surprise when i give you a hug upon meeting you.

//handpicked bouquets > traditional roses. stefan knows not to bring home the typical roses and i love em more for it.

//night owl + lover of snacks at 10pm

//grew up on the beaches of Florida + now living on the west coast its a complete toss up on which i love more.

//jalepeno ketchup is life. i'm a dipper-- will try anything if i can dip it in something.

//cardio is my nemesis and im such a yo-yo dieter

//dog>cats (boxer mom) + plant hoarder

//i adore handwritten notes + new planners

//i will cry at your wedding at some point

// tacos, pad thai, tator tots + sushi

// red wine (and always looking for ones with cute labels--typical)


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