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i want to create moments you'll look back on forever.

silly, exciting + beautiful love filled moments. 

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i'm so excited you're here!

chances are you're looking for  that perfect someone to play a huge part in some pretty incredible memories... or you're just creepin' + either way i don't mind one bit. i'm karra-- the lady behind the lens + firm believer of celebrating this sweet lil life we get.. whether thats your every friday ice cream date, your elopement, wedding or new little addition to your family; i want to be the girl you trust with those moments. 

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i make a great third wheel

but really, every relationship is different-- quirky, quiet, still, silly, but most importantly beautiful + every relationship deserves to be documented well. you can dance in the kitchen, give piggy back rides on top of a mountain, elope or not elope.. every story is exciting..